Coursebooks VS Writing your own lesson plans

I am absolutely fond of teaching English. But who said you are not a good teacher if you use a coursebook? Who said teachers should only take a pinch from the coursebooks? It takes me hours to write a lesson plan. You have to find photos, make ppt document, find a video on your context, write transcription for the video you use, write an activity for it, teach vocabulary, an activity to practice it, make flashcards if you can’t find a ready made flashcard for your context, make up role plays  and so on and so forth. And most of all, you have to have an idea what you will teach and how. Yesterday, I spent 5 hours or more writing a single lesson plan for the 90 minute university for the lesson of General English about food, shopping, and going to a restaurant.

I heartedly thank the coursebook writers for their hard work. They make our lives much easier. Thank you!